About Us

IT-Max is an Institute of Computer Education & Vocational Courses. It is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute, run by Pinnacle Trust registered under the Trust Act 1882, Govt. of India. It is also registered under NITI Aayog, Govt. of India.
Today’s world is a world where life without the knowledge of computer applications is an impasse and, in this regard, IT-Max has been taking great initiatives in spreading the knowledge of computer applications among the masses.
We provide several different courses in addition to Computer Software and Hardware, like Spoken English, Beautician, Fashion Designing, Interior Designing, Aviation & Hospitality, Travel & Tourism, Mass Communication, Tailoring, etc.

Our Vision

Each year thousands of students pass out their 10th and 12th Courses but many of them can not go further higher education owing to their respective unavoidable issues. In such a case their future suffering becomes inevitable either financially or mentally. Furthermore, in the present day scenario, life becomes full of difficulties even for a well-educated person if he or she possesses no knowledge of computer applications. Therefore, whatever may be the case, our vision is to equip them all with adequate knowledge of computer applications so that they can lead a smooth hurdle-free life either professional or social.
Keeping this vision ahead we introduce courses that are synchronized with advanced Computer as well as vocational education at the global level.

Our Mission

Our aim and mission assure QUALITY EDUCATION to all at a minimum fee structure. Moreover, poor and physically challenged students are given special offers from time to time and some of them are even trained free of cost. Our teachers and trainers are very efficient and dedicated to their respective fields who have been imparting knowledge in their respective fields for the last 10 years and they are very capable of leading their students to a new world of creativity, innovation, team spirit, and leadership hitherto unknown to the students.

Our faculty

We have a remarkable faculty that is well-qualified and skilled in professional training and competence. Our teachers are capable of providing high-quality education in their respective fields. Furthermore, they provide individualized attention to students depending on individual capacities and needs. They have the capacity to communicate tough and complex concepts to students in a way that allows them to acquire and comprehend their lessons. Apart from providing relevant information and expertise, our teachers assist students in developing their self-confidence and personalities in such a way that, at the end of the course, each of them is a readily employable professional.

Classrooms infra-structure

We have excellent classrooms with audio-visual teaching-learning technologies and a very comfortable internal environment that enhances students' overall development.